FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods)

The FMCG portfolio is part of the Agriculture sector in Transnet Freight Rail. The portfolio moves the following products:

Inbound materials (raw materials)

Sugar Cane
TFR moves sugar cane mainly in the Empangeni area, from Nkwalini and the surrounding areas, to the Huletts sugar mill at Felixton. Specialised wagons are used to transport this commodity for ease of loading and offloading at the mill.

Barley is used mainly by SA Breweries to produce malt which is used in the beer making process. SA Breweries have a black empowerment project in the Vaalharts area (Kimberley/Klerksdorp) to uplift small black farmers by growing barley in this area. The barley is then moved by rail to either Caledon- or Natalspruit Maltings where it is processed to malt.
There are other varieties of barley which are imported by SAB which are used for different brands .The barley is imported through Table Bay harbour in Cape Town and transported by rail to Caledon Maltings.

Once the barley is processed to malt at Caledon- and Alrode Maltings it is sent to the seven SA breweries across the country:

Outbound materials

Raw Sugar
After the sugar cane is processed at the sugar milling plants at Felixton and Amatikulu it is railed to the Sugar Terminal in Durban for export and also to the refining plant at Rossburgh where it is packed in different size packs to be sold at different supermarkets (Pick n Pay, Checkers, Spar etc.)
TFR also moves sugar for Illovo from the Noordsberg mill in Pietermaritzburg to Germiston depot before it is used by bulk users such as Coca Cola. TSB (Transvaal Sugar) in Malelane uses TFR to move their sugar to Maputo for export and also molasses from Komati mill to Malelane mill.

After the beer is packed in bottles (750ml quarts) it is loaded on pallets for distribution to the different SAB depots. Rail is used to move the beer from Rosslyn brewery in Pretoria to the following depots:

Major customers are the following:

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